How to Use Push Notifications to Drive More Sales on Your eCommerce Platform

How to Use Push Notifications to Drive More Sales on Your eCommerce Platform

Push notifications in eCommerce platforms are undoubtedly an intimating and emerging tool for improving a brand’s recognition and driving sales. They enable your business to grow and allow you to personalize the messages keeping in mind the subscribed customers.

Luka Nikolić
Luka Nikolić

Have you ever received a notification on your smartphone or at the right corner of your desktop about Amazon discounts, eXtra deals, or new arrival of the favorite season at Netflix? This notification is commonly called Push Notification or Web push notification. The push notification has become the new culture in eCommerce. It is considered to be the emerging marketing strategy to promote a product or brand and remind the customer about what they might have missed until now. This notification is also called a Micro-marketing notification tool that increases the massive outputs by engaging the customers and bringing them back to the product.

Push Notification

The push notification is the small and precise message from the subscribed website or app for the customer to make them aware of their favorite latest deals, discounts, new arrivals, and so on. This notification enables the user to click on it and get in the shop, page, or mall instantly without any hustle. This strategy also allows the eCommerce platform to engage the customers without taking up too much of their time or diverting them from their normal, daily tasks.

Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification is quite similar to push notification. The only difference is your desktop does not require to install the apps to get the push notification. Once you have subscribed to the website, you would start getting a push notification in the right corner of the main screen.

Benefits of Using Push Notification

  • A push notification increases the engagement of users with the brand and its products.
  • It is an easy way to send a particular message to the target customer.
  • It increases the interaction and communication of the brand or product with buyers by providing authentic information at the right time.

Two Key Characteristics of Push Notifications

For a successful business, understanding the target audience is the key. The eCommerce business can use unique push notification to entice the subscribers to make the purchase. There are two notable, experimentally tested, and distinguishing characteristics of push notification to boost sales.

Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers notifications can increase your sales by engaging your users as they will rush to buy their favorite product before it runs out of stock.

Avoid Excessive/Spam Notifications

The eCommerce platforms should be careful with the excessive use of notification strategy as it would annoy the subscriber and may compel the users to unsubscribe the subscription.

Importance of Having Push Notification to Drive More Sales on the eCommerce Platform

Previously, digital marketing had used an email marketing strategy to rule the eCommerce world. Today, the tables of marketing have turned. Now, eCommerce platforms mainly depend on push notification strategy to engage their customer and expand their business. Almost all kinds of apps like mobile, gaming and online superstores use push notifications to target their potential audience.

Inventory of the Target Audience for Push Notification to Drive Sales

It is impossible to drive the sales if you fail to list your target audience. The target audience categorizes in the following ways:

  • New shoppers/users
  • Regular Users
  • Loyal customers/users

When new users subscribed to the website for the first time and visited the website but did not purchase anything. Push notification enables the user to view a variety of offers in their interested categories. The focus of Regular customers should be to engage them by offering discounts on their viewed, wish list, or interest categories. There is a slight difference between regular and loyal customers. Loyal customers always purchase from one eCommerce website or app. However, regular customers are not one brand group. They like to browse different E- commerce shops before making a purchase. Therefore, the eCommerce website should offer coupons, discounts, promotions, and subscriptions exclusively to their loyal customers to maintain their market value.

Proven Techniques to Use Push Notification for Boost Retention & Drive Sales

Push notification is to optimize marketing by sending budget-friendly and promotional messages to the customers to drive more sales. However, engaging the shopper to expand the business is a little tricky and tacky task. Customers usually do not prefer to buy the product instantly. They read about it first, investigate the desired thing, and then decide whether to buy it or not. There are different techniques to increase sales by using push or web push notifications. A few of them are discussed below in detail.

Product Recommendation

Customers usually browse the recent collection and put in a wish list or cart to buy it at a later stage. That is where push notification can increase the sales by recommending more stuff from the wish-listed products to the shopper. This strategy can compel the audience to explore more about the brand product they previously liked and may end up purchasing more items than they initially planned.

Cost Drop Alert

Most of the people in the world prefer to buy the product when it is on sale. Cost drop alert notification enables the audience to purchase the brand product that he dropped in the wish list as it was not his budget-friendly. Price drop alert notification can notify the customer to buy his favorite collection at a cost-effective price. This strategy also grows sales more than your expectations.

Buy One, Get One Free Alert

What compels one to purchase the product instantly while checking things online? It is a bold text offer that attracts and appeals to them to buy the product. This kind of push notification allows shoppers to get their hands on their favorite brand products instantly. This marketing strategy can also drive sales.

Send Useful Information to Engage the Customers

Most of the new struggling retailers find it difficult to send a push notification with the promotions. They can send something engaging like life hacks, skincare routine, game review, and upcoming new arrival in the stores. These push notification is not for promoting the product but can be interesting for the audience to read something that would benefit them in some ways. There are ample options for businesses to provide benefits to the customer by sending useful information. However, the key is to remember to send personalized push notification rather than sending the same push notification to all customers.

Season Sales

Season sales is another marketing strategy to engage users. eCommerce businesses can indulge their customers in the season clearance sale by offering them a variety of offers. The E- commerce business can send push notification for the occasion sale like summer sale, winter sale, or company’s anniversary to instigate the user to make a purchase form it.

Traffic Engagement for eCommerce Websites to Use Push Notification

Ecommerce big names like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix have recorded 72% of conversion rate due to push notification to update their customers about the promotions, new arrival, discount, or reminding about what’s in the list waiting to be viewed (on Netflix specifically). Now let us explore when and where do we use push notifications to drive the sales?

Usage of Triggers to Notify Users

Triggers are actionable clicks that can be scheduled for a specific time. They present a kind of urgency and entice the customer to purchase from their interested categories.

Prompt Triggers

Prompt triggers can play a pivotal role to lift sales. The notifications should be sent timely to encourage users to make a purchase. For example, if a user is looking for an automatic washing machine from an eCommerce website and left without buying anything, timely triggers would be beneficial to send at the time when he is looking for the product. This push notification can show him a variety of products belonging to his interested categories, hence encouraging him to buy it.

Image/Emojis Feature Rich Triggers

The push notifications should feature images or emojis to amplify the purchasing decision of the customers and can boost eCommerce sales and yield a great conversion rate.

Section Triggers

Segmenting the user is an essential factor for the eCommerce platform. It can create a substantial result in driving customer engagement and increase the conversion rate. User Segmentation can also be helpful for the eCommerce websites to organize the stuff according to the choice of the user and would tempt him to purchase more.

Final Thoughts

Push notifications in eCommerce platforms are undoubtedly an intimating and emerging tool for improving a brand’s recognition and driving sales. They enable your business to grow and allow you to personalize the messages keeping in mind the subscribed customers. All the E- commerce platforms have to give special offers sent through push notification to please and satisfy their loyal customers. In this way, the loyalty stays the same and intact. The strategy of push notification at first may feel like an impossible task and a headache to engage the shoppers in an effective manner, yet, with a little effort and consistency Push notifications can give a boost to your outreach, and help in creating a loyal and consistent customer base.